Our Policy


First of all we would like to thank for all the support we have been receiving from friends and sponsors.

After some time in SL the concept of creating a Blog became real for us. The first idea  we had, and we do take it as rule, is that we have our personal tastes. All of us can see many different ways to be up to the trends and we are able to adapt this to our style. 

We appreciate all the work in SL and we would be grateful to promote your store and brand.

We accept Sponsorships and Marketing work, but it's valid to remember that the itens that must or must not be published depends if the content fits or not the blog's goal.

This is a bit of ourselves into a blog's shape, so we ask you some respect and patience.

If you have any interest to sponsor this blog and work as partners, just send a notecard for any of us. 
We will be glad to work with you!


                                                                        Melissa Hindrabar