About Us

A brief introduction about us and how we started all this.

Started  playing Second Life in the beggining of 2009 with their specific careers.
At first working in Brazilian Sims, soon moving to a bigger goal..

Melissa Hindrabar since the beggining working and participating of Events in SL.
The interest started to grow until she become a Host and certain time after Managing Clubs and also DJs. In January 2011, when she started, in partnership with Katia Roffo and Siane Kanya, running Famous Club as CEO. The Club exists since 2008 until now.
Planning and Coordinating Events has made her see a lot further.
Photorgraphing was a passion since the beggining, before as a hobbie and nowadays professionaly.
Fashion is love in both worlds for her.

Working and operating to bring and give everybody the best of what SL has to offer.

All this work´s been made with much pleasure and interest.

This Blog is the result of our experiences in SL and we are doing it with love and caring.
Thank You,

Sincerely ,

                                                                              Melissa Hindrabar