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Yo Guys!

I am more than happy to introduce you the new author for male outfits. Fred Pinelli is gonna be in charge to get you updated of all male releases to keep you tunned on what's going on around ad what you can buy to look good.
Updating you style is the main goal for us. To start off look this casual look he's set up.. 
Nerd Monkey with this cool looking tee coming along with the new pants from Acapulco. 
Also Sorgo has released these awesome shoes if you want a cool looking outfit. 
Accessories such as Deco Cap, Mandala ears, and Chronokit watch to make it a little more edgy.
Take a look

Fred Pinelli

Cap: **DECO - MESH Ratty Ballcap
Facial hair: -Entente- Facial Hair A - Chin Curtain
Shirt: .::[NerdMonkey] - [Demus Shirt]::. Men New convenient hud with 13 diferrent styles
Clock: *chronokit* watch no.38 QUASAR 
Pants: ::theACAPULCOgold.::_Old_Skinny_Jeans  Blue New
Shoes: *  S O R G O - RD Sneakers New

* S O R G O -  RD Sneakers